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Changing everything you knew about freight tracking. Introducing an app-based freight tracking solution that enables logistics companies, shippers and carriers to update and track shipments more accurately.

Knowing exactly where your shipment is should not come as a burden to you. Badger allows shippers, 3PLs, brokers and trucking companies to easily track shipments while the drivers concentrate on what they do best… driving. In an industry where the wheels are always turning, Badger provides a revolutionary freight and fleet tracking system that informs all parties—shippers and receivers—throughout the life of the shipment. See Our Solutions »


Users simply log in to their Badger account to create a new shipment. At the onset of the shipment, drivers input the Badger shortcode into their free Badger App and leave it running in the background.


Our mobile-based system is constantly updating. Through Badger, shippers and receivers can freely access real-time locations, delays and up-to-date ETAs.


The only equipment you need is already in your pocket; with the Badger fleet tracking system, your smartphone replaces your existing carrier tracking vendor—at a fraction of the cost.

The most affordable freight tracking system on the road.

Regardless of the size of your organization, size of your fleet or number of loads shipped, you can create and track an unlimited number of shipments for $99 a month. Drivers download the Badger App on their iPhone or Android for free and start tracking immediately.

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